My faves from Billy Bones had a few new tees to drop, so why not… let’s shoot, I love it every time I get to shoot with these guys, we just get eachother… actually its really funny almost every second person I meet ask me if I’m part owner of Billy Bones Club… I bloody wish!!!! I am def part of the club though & stoked about it!

So I needed a girl and a guy for this shoot, and a while ago I found this legend Zane aka @ehbigwhoops on instagram and loved his style & online vibe… Then I met him in person, he isn’t just a talented AF rockstar. He’s one of the most genuine kind-hearted humans Ive met in a long time, he instantly became a life long friend.

Anyways I also hit him up if he knew any badass cool chicks that would be keen to come along. He pointed me to the beautiful amazing Lily aka @sassypant90210 & also one of the most genuine beautiful humans, another life long friend…. This is why I love my job I continuously get to meet the BEST people & my life keeps getting better…
It was both of their first ever ‘proper’ photoshoot and as you can see they fucking nailed it!!! We pumped some tunes, ate some food, got rained on and then ended up at Zane’s recording studio and drank goon and then took some more drunk photos…. Anyways moral of the story is I fucking love these two and I fucking love Billy Bones Club & I fucking love my job.

Cheers for reading and I hope ya’ll enjoy a bit of sexy eye candy.

For the photography lovers: I shot this whole series on my canon 5d mkii with my 50mm 1.4 & a flash because it was indoors and I wanted a more of a ‘film’ vibe.

FYI make sure you follow my homies (the epic band, like holly fuck so much talent) @ehbigwhoops

For : @billybonesclub
Models: Lily @sassypants90210 & Zane @ehbigwhoops