‘Pretty and Poisonous’ ft Buckle pro

About a month ago I headed over to the beautiful land of bali with my creative buddy Nick (Jaen Collective) for a campaign for Mossy Boutique. 
Whilst we were over there we got on the hustle to see if anyone else needed a campaign as we had some time to kill, we then got to meet this legend Patrick who is an ambassador for buckle pro – and they needed some content for there kickstart program they are doing… at first when he was explaining to me what it was, I literally didn’t understand how it would work… but after seeing the product and dealing with the crew I was so excited…. first we met a local bar in Canggu ‘Pretty Poison’ (best bar in Canggu owned by one of my new friends mother (@bossladybali)… turned out to be such an awesome night… Nick and I ended up drunk on the back of scooters with our expensive gear trying to get home… I will always remember that moment.

2 days after our night at pretty poison, we met with the crew (about 10 of us) and all scooted for about an hour to the amazing location with cliffs and ocean – this day was AMAZING even tho it was sooooo hot (like 37 degrees), it was all worth it for the content we got to make 🙂 


For: Buckle Pro // @buckleproofficial
Models: @loulou_et_riri @stefananodestoimasciolini  @robtherich @murilowiggers 
Video: Jaen Collective // @jaencollective