‘Lost words’ ft Lily Castel

Over a year ago I helped out one of my friends at a local bar by shooting their Pin Up comp at their bar… I gave a shoot away as a prize…. and about a month or so the winner (Beautiful Hatsie-May) called me up and said lets do this!!! Also around the same time got a message from an old old friend who I haven’t seen in 15 years…. I remember 15 years ago I used always think highly of this person because she was someone who didn’t care about what people think and just did what she wanted…. anyways she has lived a large life and now lucky for me she has come back to our local hood to recoup, to figure out her next steps and she has decided to start this amazing brand Lily Castel, and she asked if I could shoot with her at some stage….. soooooo I thought Hatsie – May (the girl who won the shoot) and Sara’s brand together would be a perfect match…. so we all met up at a motel near by and put together this wee series – and I am soooo happy with how it turned out, especially since its not usually my style.


Photography: Troy Freyee // @freyeephoto
For: Lily Castel // @lily_castel 
Model: Hatsie – May // @bambambi_ 
Styling: Sara Yael // @lily_castel