A  b i t  a b o u t  m e


Hi I’m Troy Freyee (pronounced FRAY YAY) a fashion and stills photographer based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

I work for Sticks & Stones Agency and we also have our own production company Bang Bang Shooting Club which consist of some of my fav people, Ainsley Hutchence, Marisa Taschke, Miranda Emblem and myself. We also work closely with my other creative family Jaen Collective, a filming crew from the gold coast.
We all create and have similar visions, so when we are working together, it feels like life cannot get better :). We all still take jobs under our own business’ obviously which is fun but when we are together we create the most amazing content for our clients, including photography, video, behind the scenes, insta stories, etc (as you may see in some of my blog posts) 


Brand Allignments.

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